“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.“

Joseph Pilates

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Interested in learning more about how to begin your health and wellness journey? Check out the Amy G Fitness Blog where I have written many helpful articles on nutrition, stress reducing techniques, recipes, and more. My blog is a melding of my two passions: journalism and fitness. I study and research and share what I have discovered.

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The combo of Pilates and functional resistance training (something I call BodyFit) are complementary health and fitness modalities.

Pilates is an amazing fitness system that creates strength and length in the body. It's a total body experience!

BodyFit focuses on daily movement patterns to enhance our body's ability to move better in every aspect of ones life.

Both are functional movement practices that build healthy bodies while keeping the body safe from injuries.

Add simple and easy nutritious eating habits and you are literally in the BEST shape of your life!

So what you are waiting for? Connect with me to start your Amy G Fitness feel AMAZING adventure today!

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Inner Strength Training (IST) Method

IST is about honouring where your body is at and giving it what it needs - a balanced health regime.  It’s about creating a strong and balanced body from the inside out. Working our supporting intrinsic muscles helps stabilize the body's foundation, so that our extrinsic muscles (the surface “power” muscles) can do their job properly and purposefully. 

With all our daily obligations, making our health a priority is difficult, but so worth it! With a few easy to implement steps, along with the right program designed for you, my goal is for you to feel empowered and supported to create lasting change.

And while reaching your desired weight is important if that is your goal as my IST method is effective, however, is it not about arduously struggling to obtain an impossibly perfect body shape, it’s about creating strong, supported, balanced bodies that can function and move with freedom and ease so in the end we feel great while having fun along the way!

The IST method honours where each and every participant is on their health and wellness journey. As a skilled and experienced certified trainer with a corrective exercise background, I provide modifications and challenges for all exercises so that every client reaches their full potential safely and effectively.

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5-Day Sugar Detox Mini-Course

I have a gift for you that will have a crazy and powerful impact on how you feel … physically AND mentally.

It’s my 5-Day Sugar Detox Mini Course, and you can access it by simply clicking the link below!

This “detox” will help you rid your diet of added sugars – which can rob your energy, load you up with empty calories, and lead to a host of health problems.

Not only do you get the Sugar Detox Success 13-Page Manual, but 5 days of bonus coaching posts to help you maximize your results. PLUS a handful of doable and fun guided workouts to get the body moving to lengthen and strengthen from head to toe.

This program will give you a complete step-by-step plan to eliminate those added sugars and get your body and your health back on track! 

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