About Amy

Hi there! 

I am super passionate about health and fitness.

My main loves are functional movement strength training, Pilates, barre, TRX suspension training, and hiking/running as I believe they compliment each other to create highly functional and strong bodies. I also love talking nutrition, because what we eat is at least 50% as important as what we do for activity. 

I enjoy working with both men and women, focusing on gaining strong, capable bodies that can perform daily tasks with ease and with more energy. There is a real science behind building balanced bodies that I absolutely love implementing.

I think it's important that instead of focusing on appearance, the focus shifts to how exercise and healthy nutrition make us feel: amazing! And once we start to move and eat well and we start to feel amazing, the by-product of all that is losing weight and looking better. 

One of the rewarding aspects of my job is coaching health and wellness. That is where I like to shine: when I can use my effective habit forming coaching strategies to gradually promote change in my clients lives. Definitely one of the best perks of the job! 

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a ACE-certified personal trainer and NASM corrective exercise specialist. I combine all I teach with my classical (Mindful Movement) Pilates with my contemporary (Balanced Body) Pilates training because I believe everything starts with good posture and a strong core.  

In the 90s, I originally went to college obtaining a Journalism diploma and worked in the field for a bit before deciding it wasn't a good fit for me. I went to Humber College for Fitness Leadership and was ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified as a personal trainer. I worked at The Fitness Institute (now called Toronto Athletic Club) in downtown Toronto, located on the 36th floor of TD's South Tower, and created their Triathlon program with a fellow co-worker. I specialized in endurance sports, coaching age group runners and triathletes, along with business professionals wanting to lose some weight and get stronger.

I left the industry for a period of time to grow my family, the years went by way too fast!

In 2011, I studied as a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor with Toronto's The Yoga Sanctuary's 250 hour yoga teacher training program. I also studied Ashtanga yoga as a personal practice with some of the most amazing teachers: David Robson (Toronto) and Fiona Stang (Vancouver). I moved to Vancouver in 2012 and re-certified as an ACE personal trainer after completing Infofit's comprehensive Personal Training program. I worked as a trainer and yoga instructor in various gyms and studios in the Vancouver area. 

Now located in Langley, BC, in 2018 I discovered my love of teaching group fitness classes. There is just something special and super fun when a group of people get together to move together.

I was a personal trainer and I taught a variety of group fitness classes at the Township of Langley rec centres, namely small group training, barre, yoga, group cycling, Pilates mat and body sculpt before the COVID pandemic. I have also taught at Brand Fitness, Inspire Fitness, Smiling Hearts, Core Conditioning, and Evolution Pilates and Yoga studio. 

Currently, I instruct private and semi-private Pilates Fitness Training sessions, using the reformer, stability chair, and TRX. I also teach online Zoom classes: Barre, Pilates Fit, and BodyFit. I absolutely love teaching where I get to lead awesome communities becoming strong and healthy together! Hopefully sometime in 2021 we will be able to workout together in person performing higher intensity group fitness classes again! But for now we have the online Zoom platform.

My absolute main love is working individually with all my wonderful clients, combining effective coaching strategies to succeed with the intelligently designed program I create, based solely on your goals and needs. Such a blessing!

Personal Training Certifications

  • Fitness Leadership from Humber College 1999
  • ACE Personal Trainer - 2000 & 2012, Group Fitness Instructor - 2019, Senior Fitness Specialist - 2019
  • Infofit's Personal Training Program - 2012
  • NASM certified Personal Trainer - 2018, & Corrective Exercise Specialist - 2012
  • BCRPA Personal Training - 2018, Weight Training - 2018, Yoga Fitness - 2019, Pilates Fitness - 2019, Group Fitness Instructor - 2020
  • TRX Suspension Training - 2020
  • DTS Exercise Coach - 2020

Pilates Teacher Training

  • Pilates Essence's BCRPA Pilates Mat Instructor Training 40hr Module - 2019
  • Balanced Body Pilates Mat Level 1, 2, 3 - 2019
  • Balanced Body Reformer Level 1, 2 - 2019
  • Balanced Body Reformer Level 3 - 2020
  • Currently enrolled in Mindful Movement's Classical Reformer and Apparatus teacher training

Nutrition Coaching

  • Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 Nutritional Coach, Pn1 Certified - 2019 
  • ACE Health and Wellness Coaching program, 2020

Group Fitness Certifications 

  • Keiser Indoor Group Cycling Instructor - 2019
  • IBBFA Barre Instructor, Level 1 - 2019, IBBFA Pre/Postnatal Barre Instructor - 2019
  • Barre Above Pilates Focus Instructor - 2019, Barre Above Instructor - 2019
  • Oh Baby! Fitness Pre/Postnatal Instructor - 2019
  • ACE's Barre Intensity Training - 2019
  • Spinning Group Cycling Instructor - 2020
  • Bootybarre Level 1 and Level 2 training - 2020

Yoga Teacher Training

  • Communicating Through Intelligent Touch: Hands-on Yogic Adjustments and Assists, Level 1 18hr with YuMee Chung and Charlene Yeh - 2011
  • The Yoga Sanctuary 250hr Yoga Teacher Training - 2012
  • Yyoga 40hr Mentorship Graduate with Rachel Scott - 2012
  • Fit Flow Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 35hr - 2018 & Level 2 16hr - 2019
  • Yoga Tune Up The Roll Model 14hr Correspondence Course - 2018
  • Yoga International's 6hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Cyndi Lee - 2019
  • Pretzel Kids 20hr Yoga Teacher Training for Children, Teens, Special Needs - 2019
  • Holy Yoga's 20hr Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training - 2019
  • Holy Yoga's 20hr Yoga with Weights Instructor Training - 2019
  • Yoga Journal's 20 hr Fascia Release For Yoga with Ariele Foster of Yoga Anatomy Academy - 2019
  • Holy Yoga's 100hr Existing Yoga Instructor Training - 2019 
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