Christmas Gift: 38min Pilates Fit workout

fitness pilates workout Dec 14, 2020

Why I love Pilates mat:

Practicing Pilates mat helps build a strong, balanced body inside and out, while increasing flexibility through dynamic stretching movements.

  • Inside: deep core muscles and stabilizers help keep the body optimally supported.
  • Outside: our large, powerful prime movers are challenged making us stronger and more capable to function in our day to day activities and athletic pursuits. 

As you progress in your practice you will notice improvements in breathing, focus, stress management, and body awareness.

Pilates mat is perfect for beginners because you only need your own body, a mat, and some floor space to start. And perhaps investing in a light set of hand weights down the road.

My Pilates Fit classes take all that is good with classical Pilates and put a functional fitness training twist to the class. Adding light hand weights and/or a long resistance band to some of the exercises challenge our entire musculoskeletal system to improve posture, strengthen and lengthen your entire body, and gain endurance for your daily living. You will feel taller, stronger, and calmer after every class. 

An early gift to all my wonderful past, present, and future clients I have filmed a 38min Pilates mat class. The best part? You don't need any equipment and it's all levels, so anyone can practice it. 

Please note: I was trying a different filming angle with a wide angle lens, which in the end made me look wider and shorter. No biggie, but then, I also had some lighting issues so it seems darker than usual. Adding to the mix, my 14yr old daughter baking cookies which added the odd stump and clang, so I suggest putting on your favourite workout music while performing this sequence. With all that in mind, I hope you enjoy the sequence! 


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