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injury May 31, 2020

There are two categories of injuries: Acute and Chronic. 

Acute injuries happen from accidents causing muscle strains, corrective tissue sprains, cuts, and/or broken bones. Traumatic injuries are best treated immediately after the accident. 

Runner's First Aid: RICE

  • Rest: don't make the damaged area worse by putting more stress on it, however, resting doesn't mean immobility either. Moving the injured area is important because it stimulates blood flow to the injured tissue. Your health care provider will advise how to move the injured area properly.
  • Ice: swelling is part of the healing process, but too much of it slows down healing. Applying ice causes vasoconstriction of the local blood vessels which limits bleeding and swelling to the area. Icing the injured area reduces your recovery time (very important!). Apply ice for 20min and allow an hour in-between applications. Repeat for 24-72 hours. Never place the ice directly on skin, have a barrier. 
  • Compression: helps reduce swelling, pain, bruising, which shortens recovery time. Careful not to over-do compression, follow the directions of your health care provider. 
  • Elevation: helps keep you rested, plus keeps your injured area above your heart to provide less pooling of blood and therefore less swelling, which again helps with recovery times. 

Chronic injuries stem from over use training and incorrect technique. Please hire a personal trainer to learn technique and stay commited to the correct form. Chronic injuries also pop up from old acute injuries that don’t heal properly or from anatomical variations that put stress on joints and/or ligaments within the kinetic chain (most common!). 

To help combat over-use injuries it's important to look after your body with correct recovery methods:

  • strength train to build balance with-in your muscles and strengthen your joints. Functional strength training and barre are great choices, but any weight training program works too, as long as it’s properly designed to train the muscles to be correctly balanced
  • build your core and correct posture with Pilates
  • stretch and foam roll tired and shortened muscles. Yoga or the stretching and foam rolling videos work well