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The Benefits of the Lunge

exercise Apr 20, 2022

Ahhh, the lunge! One of the 6 functional movements of the body, along with the squat, hinge, upper body push, upper body pull, and rotations. We perform lunges every time we climb stairs, and it's important to strengthen the leg muscles to keep our body strong and efficient.

The lunge brings all functional movements together, honing skills in coordination, balance, and strength. It exercises the stabilizers of every major joint and emphasizes dynamic leg strength.

The lunge primarily works quadriceps (front of thigh) and gluteals (butt cheek muscles). Because of the balance and coordination aspect, the lunge also works the core, inner and outer thighs, along with the calves.

My favourite way to perform the lunge? Why on the reformer of course! Here are several amazing clients demonstrating the lunge on the reformer:

Sandy, rocking her balance and control:

Renata, working on strength with heavier springs:

Archana, acing her lunge perfectly with square hips:

Leah and Danica demonstrating the back lunge which works more of the quadriceps with it's focused leg extension:

Don't have a reformer, no problem! From a recent recorded workout from Amy G Fitness, you can mimic a similar motion using a glider on the back foot, like this:

Check out the above 75 second clip of a lunge sequence we do in our sessions here at the studio! See you soon in class!