9 quick ways to make your morning better

habits health Mar 28, 2021

How would you describe your morning routine? Hectic, calm, nonexistent … ?
I’ve got a fun checklist for you that may help power-up your mornings and get your day off to a great start with an energy boost.
The best part is, you can do everything on this list and not add any extra time to your routine!
In fact, everything on this list will make your existing routine more enjoyable.
1 - Wait 30 minutes before scrolling your phone. This sends a strong message to your subconscious. It tells it YOU are in charge of your day, and not your phone or what’s happening in the news or on social media.
2 - Splash your face (or entire body, via a shower) with cold water. Cold water can boost your energy. It results in dilating your blood vessels, increasing your heart rate and circulation.
3 - Drink water BEFORE caffeine. Your body has been without hydration all night long. Being even a little dehydrated (just 1-2%!) can sap your energy. Treat yourself to a big glass of water before you sip that coffee.
4 - Supercharge your water.  Add 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a dash of cinnamon, turmeric, and cayenne pepper to your water.
This will start your day off with a healthy kick of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and may help your body balance blood sugar.
There’s even some evidence it can help with appetite control.
5 - Let the natural light shine in! Open up those curtains in the morning. This helps reset your body’s internal clock to wake up earlier, as well as naturally boost your energy.
6 - Listen to your favourite songs while you go through your morning routine. Studies show music can boost your mood as well as make you more alert! And it’s a lot more calming than a rundown of the latest news.
7 - Do something FUN. If you have a smart device like an Alexa, try playing “question of the day” while you go about your routine. It will give your brain a challenge first thing.
8 - Light a naturally scented candle or turn on a diffuser that contains energizing organic essential oils. Anything in the citrus or mint families can help rev you up.
9 - Change into day-time clothes if you work from home (and especially if you don’t ;-) ). Wearing pajamas all day is so 2020!
10 - BONUS TIP! Disclaimer: This one WILL add time to your daily routine, but not during your morning. Before you go to bed at night, do as many of your morning to-do’s as possible: pack your workout clothes, prep your breakfast, etc.
I hope this list gave you a few ideas for changing up your morning routine to make it more energizing!
You’ll be surprised how something that seems so small can change your day in a BIG way. 

All of these helpful additions are about adding new positive habits to your usual routine. Sticking to new habits can be super hard! My brother, Ron Vereggen, is a habit coach. And he recently designed an app called The Habit Lab. I LOVE this new app! 

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8 out of 10 people fail at making the positive changes required to achieve their goals.

When we take these setbacks personally, we blame ourselves and end up feeling like a failure.

Which erodes our self-confidence and sabotages future attempts at positive change.

... but it doesn't need to be!

So true, isn't it? Both Ron and I want to help people stick to their goals as we know that is what will bring them the results they want.

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