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Three Helpful Tips to Keep to Your Resolution of Becoming Healthier

goals health Jan 02, 2020

New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them with the best of intentions and I actually love them. Every year, the week before January 1st, I begin contemplating about what I’d like to change in my life for the upcoming year. On December 31st I carve out a bit of time with my journal to write out my plans. 

Now, truthfully, as the year unfolds some of those carefully crafted ideas don’t even get implemented. Some of those ideas live for about a month or two and then get dropped. But thankfully some of my changes do stay and new habits are formed. 

If your Year 2020 resolution was to develop healthier lifestyle habits and you are worried you may not stick to your new plan, you are reading the right article! As a Certified Personal Trainer, working for the Township of Langley, I have seen lots of success with clients reaching their goals. 

I have noticed three important steps that have led to successful outcomes for clients sticking to their healthy lifestyle plan:

  • Find your number one reason why. Ask yourself why do you want to get healthier? Do you want to look better, feel better, have more energy, become pain-free? Be brutally honest with yourself about your reasons. If you find the “why” that is uniquely motivating to you, it’s a great push to remember it when you are feeling less than thrilled to tie up your sneakers and head to the gym. 

  • Find a workout buddy. I have seen so much success with this one. Whether you hire a personal trainer to keep you accountable, sign up for a small group training class, or make friends in a group fitness class and see them every time you go to class, these are huge motivators to keep you coming back. 

  • Have a plan. We lead busy lives and for the important events we need to schedule it. If not, your well intentioned idea of getting healthier will get missed. Trust me, I know. I have three teenagers and I feel like a taxi most of the time. Being their taxi and working full time, it’s difficult to keep to my 2020 resolutions. I definitely notice the impact when I put my workouts into the family’s Google calendar, I am much more likely to keep to it. Also, it lets your family members know to schedule things around your workout times, not during.