What is Pre-habilitation?

fitness injury May 20, 2020

Pre-habilitation is a proactive approach to avoiding injury. Professional athletes know of its importance, but it is often the missing component in the exercise programs of recreational fitness enthusiasts.

All experts agree exercise is key to health and longevity. Exercise helps with:

  • reducing risk of chronic disease
  • lowering blood pressure
  • reducing excess weight
  • giving us more energy and strength
  • boosts our mood
  • increases health of skin
  • boosts brain activity and memory
  • helps with relaxation and sleep quality
  • helping lessen aches and pains

One of the biggest issues with starting an exercise routine is muscle imbalances and repetitive motion with incorrect form that often leads to injury. I see this quite often with new clients coming to me for advice.

With pre-habilitation, qualified trainers use specific exercises to strengthen vulnerable areas, while lengthening tight areas of the body to avoid injury. Each body is different, depending on its own set of habitual movement patterns, but I do see typical patterns depending on profession and past injuries/trauma.

I focus a lot on pre-habilitation exercises, especially during my 1-on-1 personal training sessions, as well as during my small group training classes. While the workouts are challenging and are working our whole body, my main focus is creating strength in our common areas of weakness that are prone to injury. I also help you lengthen the areas that are tight that pull on our joints incorrectly, putting stress on our joints which over time causes injury.

We have one body that we can nourish and support. Let’s do our body good by giving it what it needs: proper movement patterns and healthy nutrients. Our exercise routines and what we eat are two very important aspects for the health and quality of our lives.

There is a place to push hard and challenge ourselves, but there is also a time to focus, move a bit more intentionally, and work on our unique imbalances to create that strong, lean, and energetic physique our body is craving for.


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