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What is the Pain-Free Movement?

corrective exercise functional strength training injury pain free movement pilates Jun 06, 2020

As an experienced Pilates instructor, certified Exercise Coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist, many new clients have come to me with over-use injuries, even with a few acute injuries. While diagnosing and treating acute injuries is not within my scope of practice (that is the purpose of a medical doctor and a physiotherapist) I can help you prevent future injuries and work with your current chronic pain and over use injuries. 

Chronic injuries develop over time. They often develop from poor movement patterns. Patterns we have formed over years depending on the type of work we do, how many hours we sit in a day, how we walk and stand, and how we move our bodies with load (our bodyweight) and what trauma our bodies have experienced in the past. Every individual is unique with their own habitual movement patterns. 

However, it's guaranteed that if we don't work on fixing our patterns at a certain point incorrect movement patterns will cause pain, discomfort, and/or injury. 

It's important to take action and start today. Don't wait! Every day you wait, your habitual patterns worsen, causing more pain and discomfort. It's also important to pick the right program. Pick corrective exercise programs. Using the functional approach to strength training, I focus on exercises that help people move better in their daily lives. Using the core strengthening and posture improving exercises of Pilates, introducing movements that help support your whole body and create proper alignment. 

You don't have to live with pain in your joints and low back! Injuries and chronic pain should not have to happen, regardless of age. I promote always working within your pain free zone, which is unique to you. Let's heal our bodies through movement! Gradually, safely, and intelligently. 

Join the pain-free movement! Fill out the client intake form or please email me with discuss your unique goals and needs, and let's work together to develop the healthy and strong body you were meant to have.