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Convenient, accessible, and affordable Barre, Pilates, and Functional Strength programs 

Not just a video library of exercise classes: gain access to all pre-recorded exercise programs that guide you through the foundational movements and gradually build skills, adding challenges each class.

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Streamed Class Descriptions

Each workout I design focuses on creating strength and length within the body so that it becomes balanced inside and out in a safe and effective way. All classes work towards this goal. 

There are special 8-week programs that begin with the foundational movements and gradually build strength and skill throughout the program. 

There are also stand alone classes where each class is accessible for all bodies and levels as modifications and challenges are provided for most of the movements. 

More info described below.

8-week Pilates Fit series

Want to build amazing strength in your powerhouse? Powerhouse includes: abdominals, glutes, low back and pelvic floor. Ever wanted to learn the Pilates mat repertoire? Hoping to gain total body strength and balance? Then this 8 week program is perfect for you!

Pilates Fit is my innovative program that combines gentle, yet challenging, functional movement training with inner core work beginning with the foundational pre-Pilates movements, moving to Level 1 Pilates exercises and finishes with most of the Level 2 Pilates exercises. 

Equipment is optional, maximizes effectiveness of the exercises:

  • one set of light hand weights weighing 2-5lbs
  • sticky mat
  • 2 glider discs (tea towel for floors and a paper plate for carpet works too!)
  • optional: 8" pilates ball (or a dollar store child's inflatable ball)

14-day Pilates Challenge series

Starting with the basic exercises of functional movement training, and combining it with Pilates movements give the foundational strength that is built from the ground up. 

Functional movement training is performing deliberate exercises to build strength, balance, and proper muscle activation so you move better, become stronger, prevent injuries, and correct habitual movement patterns that lead to pain. 

Pilates exercises increase strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and correct alignment (posture), which helps prevent injuries and corrects poor movement patterns. How?  Pilates mainly uses our intrinsic muscles: the deep most layers closest to the bones, basically the muscles that support the skeleton. 

The first workout is 5min, and each class builds and adds additional exercises to learn. The final few workouts are 30min long. When adding the new movement, learn the basics of the move so you can truly feel it.

Equipment needed:

  • one set of light hand weights weighing 2-5lbs
  • sticky mat

8-week Functional Barre Bursts program

This high energy class incorporates Barre-style strength exercises that sculpt and tone your upper and lower body with Pilates inspired exercises to make every minute count in a fun and motivating way with great music and exciting choreography. 

Woven throughout the workout are low impact, with high impact options, cardio bursts to maximize calorie burn and to strengthen heart and lungs.

The first 3 parts of class is standing and features my dynamic style of functionally strong Barre, while the last quarter of the class focuses on Pilates core exercises (think abs, butts, thighs!).

With a focus on improving balance, endurance, flexibility, stability, and strength, barre effectively creates healthy, strong, and lean highly functional bodies.

This set of classes will challenge you, but you are encouraged to stay with-in your abilities and gain strength gradually and safely every step of the way in your unique fitness journey. 

Equipment is optional, maximizes effectiveness of the exercises:

  • 8" Pilates ball (can use pillow or child's inflatable ball)
  • 6' resistance band (optional)
  • 12" mini loop band (optional)
  • 1 set light hand weights (soup cans!)
  • 1 set medium hand weights (optional)
  • 1-2 gliders (plastic plate for carpet, tea towel for floors)

8-week Fit Flow program

Fit Flow is a dynamic barefoot combo of:

  • strengthening isometric holds
  • lengthening stretching poses
  • core empowering movements
  • cardio bursts

Fit Flow exercises create a beautiful balance between mobility and stability within the body. Add mindfully breathing through movement to reduce stress, and you've got an amazing workout program that will leave you feeling invigorated, inspired, and rejuvenated.

The strengthening isometric holds we do are similar to yoga-style poses, but sometimes have different names (more the Pilates version). The fit aspect creates the strength and stability needed in our bodies, while the stretching poses create length, and the core exercises build stability in our powerhouse. The cardio bursts provide a heart and lung strengthener while burning more calories. Fit Flow is a challenging class, however, I do offer modifications for every movement to fit all abilities. 

First class starts with the basic flow movements and every week we will be adding challenging poses to gradually and safely build strength and endurance. Props and modifications will be presented for the poses, so the movements will be assessable to all abilities.

Equipment needed:

  • one set of light hand weights weighing 2-5lbs
  • sticky mat

IST Bands and Gliders series

This energetic series will start your day off right! This class will rev your body to burn more calories throughout your day. 
This series incorporates standing Pilates moves and barre strengthening exercises with functional body weight training making this a highly effective workout!
Bodyweight exercises are amazingly functional and perfect for workouts done at home. We will be alternating between lower body exercises, upper body exercises, core exercises, and low impact to high impact cardio options.
Equipment needed:
  • 6' resistance band
  • 12" mini loop band
  • 2 gliders (tea towels on floors or plastic plates on carpet) 
  • mat

Other Classes Included

  • Strength and Cardio Circuits
  • Pilates Fit with Props
  • Power Flow (yoga) series
  • Slow Flow (yoga)
  • Faith Flow (yoga)

New Classes Added Weekly!

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Props help us feel the movements in the body better, they can assist us and/or challenge us depending on the exercise. For some of the streamed classes various equipment is needed, but not to worry if you don't have all the equipment, I will provide alternative movements. An option, you can purchase most equipment from me, details below. 

Inner Strength Training (IST)

The classes are designed with the Inner Strength Training (IST) method. 

IST is about honouring where your body is at and giving it what it needs - a balanced health regime.  It’s about creating a strong and balanced body from the inside out. Working our supporting intrinsic muscles helps stabilize the body's foundation, so that our extrinsic muscles (the surface “power” muscles) can do their job properly and purposefully.  The IST method works both your intrinsic and extrinsic muscles for a whole body approach to strength and cardio training. While reaching your desired weight is important if that is your goal, IST is challenging, however, is it not about arduously struggling to obtain an impossibly perfect body shape, it’s about creating strong, supported, balanced bodies that can function and move with freedom and ease.

Body Transformation Program 

All monthly subscribers of the powerful ProCoach program receive the exercise video library at no extra charge. 

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Who is Amy G Fitness?

Not every fitness instructor out there to hire has the same skills. Choose one with years of experience, a trainer that continues to learn with multiple certifications, and one that is honest, sincere, and not out to make a quick buck. Pick a trainer who cares and goes that extra mile for you!

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How does the exercise library subscription work?


As soon as you subscribe to the monthly program, you receive instant access to the entire library of streamed pre-recorded classes.  

In the "My Library" section on this website you will see all your subscribed programs. 

Download Kajabi app to access the programs to view on your mobile device. 

Within the library is a welcome page, you will be asked to sign a waiver and a PARQ form online. Please head there first and fill that portion out. Only need to fill out once a year. 

In your account you have the option to un-subscribe anytime where your monthly charge ceases and your access to the library is cancelled. 

If you need any of the equipment, please contact me and we can organize a way for you to receive the necessary props. 

Equipment available to purchase:

  • 8" pilates ball $20
  • 6' red (light) resistance band $10
  • 6' green (medium) resistance band $10
  • 12" mini loop band $12
  • 1 set 1lbs hand weights $12
  • 1 set 2lbs hand weights $12
  • 1 set 3lbs hand weights $14

Before starting any new exercise program, it's important to fill out the online PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) here If you have any questions about the status of your health, please contact your doctor.