Peggy D

Amy was my personal trainer for 10 sessions. She provided a program personalized to fit my body type and age. I really felt she listened to me. She was always professional, positive and encouraging. I felt comfortable with her which boosted my confidence in the gym. The program she put together was so flexible and doable at home, while travelling or in the gym; I had no excuses not to get my workout in. 
I was impressed with Amy’s knowledge and awareness of the body’s mechanics, which helped me to Improve my posture and technique while working out. I appreciated her detail to each exercise; correction without judgement.
I am feeling stronger and happier. I am able to walk and cycle again with pleasure and much less pain. I also adjusted my diet to fit my body type to compliment the workouts.
At 64, And 5 months later I still have to work through some issues, but now I know I can improve. Your never too old to restart and get those muscles learning again!
I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a wonderful trainer! Thank you for changing me physically and mentally Amy!

Barbara T

I am pleased to have the opportunity to talk about my experience working out with Amy Goeldner. 

I am a senior who wanted to improve my strength and to develop and maintain a regular fitness program. I have been dealing with different physical problems that makes some movements painful. Amy has been very adaptable in her recommendations for my program. She is able to adjust my program to help me build strength without hurting or aggravating old injuries.

Amy is very encouraging and accepting of my preferences. She instills confidence because of her wide ranging knowledge in the field of fitness and nutrition. I have developed a great fitness program with her guidance and have maintained it over the last months. I also joined her pilates and barre program and have made much progress in my strength over all.  Again in this program she always gives alternate movements to encourage participation but to protect participants from injuries. She knows her clients and will often suggest alternate movements for individuals.

I would recommend Amy's programs for any aged individual, and highly recommend her for seniors who wish to improve overall strength, and to diminish those nagging aches and pains.

Jeannette B.

I have been watching and of course participating in Amy’s energetic online zoom classes for several months now.

I already feel much better mentally as well as physically. 

She is excellent at getting me motivated during the long COVID lockdown and cold winter days. The movements have been especially helpful with my osteoarthritis. 

Her enthusiasm, expertise, and dedication to her clients is very contagious. 

Agi L.

I am a mom of young kids and with multiple pregnancies and births, my back started to hurt so much that I could hardly stand up at times.

I was always active, running or biking but never had the chance to participate in exercise classes due to childcare issues. My core strength got very poor and subsequently my back was giving in. This is when I found Amy’s fitness classes.

Being able to participate in online teaching via zoom or using Amy’s work out library has been a blessing to me.  Since I started in the spring, not only is my back in much better shape, but I can feel how I am getting stronger daily with the well rounded fitness classes that target the whole body.

I can’t say enough thank you to Amy for helping me get back to exercise while still looking after my family. My kids often participate as well, they find Amy’s classes so much fun. My 4 yr old tries to always beat Amy at jumping jacks! My husband joins us on the weekend and again finds that the aches and stiffness in his body are much better after each class!

 Amy, you have got our whole family back on track with fitness, thank you for your expertise and wonderful workouts that we can do any time of the day!

Joanne M.

I started working with Amy for my intro to Pilates as I always wanted to try but was a bit apprehensive.  Amy has such a way working with my limitations and helped me to overcome my fear of the reformer - she is a master and I feel so much better after my sessions.  I have been struggling for years with my weight and so confused on all the different type of eating plans (still a work in progress) - but now I have way more confidence in my choices.  Highly recommend Amy.

Sandy H.

I’ve been working with Amy for just over a year now. After Covid closed down the community centre we were training at, she came up with multiple choices of programs and I continued with several classes over the year. 

There is always careful instruction, covering the quirks my body has after 70 years of living. I’m working on running and I’ll be darned if I’m almost there.

When she asks “how was your week?” she really wants to know so she can vary our moves if needed, right then and there. That’s one of her most impressive skills.   

I’m about to complete the 6-Week Total Body Transformation which has a diet component. I can proudly say my blood sugar levels have dropped over 60%. My family is amazed, but not as much as I am. 

I use her short videos for stretching, balance, and warmups. They are easy to follow and are explained so well you have no doubts that you’re doing the moves correctly.   

I always leave each session feeling uplifted and knowing I’m improving every week. Thanks so much Amy, for your help and excellent instruction. I’m committed for the long run!

Connie O

Amy Goeldner is like no other! If you look at the credentials behind Amy's name, you know she is a dedicated fitness professional. She is committed to making your workout experience the best for your individual needs. Her classes are challenging and always entertaining. I always feel great once I have completed a class. Her extensive knowledge about sports injuries has really helped me, because I have not only been able to workout while healing but I believe I have improved my strength and conditioning because of Amy's classes. Whether you attend online (super easy!! and affordable) or are able to schedule a private/ semi private class... you will love it!

Wendy C.

I have known Amy for three years and have completed two years of her Barre Pilates in person sessions through the Langley township. When the pandemic began, I tried out some of her Zoom sessions and have done many of her streamed library sessions. When I started classes with Amy, she was a breath of fresh air! She was full of positive energy and made the classes fun. Her ever-changing routines kept the classes interesting and her upbeat music kept us motivated. We became fit while having fun! Amy is highly knowledgeable in the field. Her understanding of functional movement strength training, and nutrition are a definite asset. In the in-person classes, she gives a personal touch by making sure she addresses individual needs whether it be correcting alignment or listening to questions after class. Her streamed exercise library allows me to do exercises when it is convenient for me and to tailor the classes to my needs. Amy is an amazing instructor who is full of energy, is positive, resourceful, and the love of her job shines through all she does. I would highly recommend taking classes with her whether it be, in-person, by Zoom or streamed sessions.

Sam M.

I love to train with Amy as she is so motivating and positive. When you don't feel like exercising she will gently suggest that you just try your best, and before you know it you are right in there enthusiastically finishing up the class. She is genuinely concerned that you train within your limits and abilities and is completely able to modify any movement to accommodate old injuries or weaknesses. In fact, she has eyes on the back of her head and can see what each and every one of us is doing, gently correcting techniques or making modification suggestions. I have an old back injury that has haunted me for 30 years. Amy took the time to assess and make alternative suggestions for strengthening the core and the lower back muscles. For the first time now I can actually do pain-free crunches. Amy has helped me get back to running 10k races again, helped me lose, and keep off, the 8lbs I put on at the start of COVID by implementing a healthy eating plan and has got me joining her over Zoom doing Barre and High Intensity Training classes. I noticed the other day how wonderfully defined my arms were getting-no embarrassingly flabby triceps for me! Her specialty is training the whole body with movements being simple but deceptively challenging. I feel and look 20 years younger, and my cholesterol levels are back to normal. Amy is an enthusiastic, caring and highly trained professional. She is the fitness trainer that you want to hold on tight to and never let go.

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