"Change happens through movement, and movement heals"

Joseph Pilates

The Pain-Free Movement

Pilates Apparatus Sessions

Athletic and authentic Pilates using all pieces of equipment (called apparatus): Reformer, Chair, Tower, Barrel has TWO main focuses:

1. build your body strong to be in the best shape of your life to ENHANCE your life

2. stay injury free, using corrective exercise techniques

Our sessions increase fitness levels in a fun and motivating way. Exercise doesn’t have to be arduous and painful. Enjoying your experience while gradually building your strength and endurance is the only way to stay consistent long term. Discover the Amy G Fitness way to better health!

Private (1:1) and Duo (2:1) Sessions Available


Private (1on1) Sessions 

There is no better way to MAXIMIZE your results than by working one-on-one with a trainer who creates workouts that are 100% tailored to you and your unique needs, abilities, injuries, and chronic pain while working at a pace that is appropriate for you.

$220/ 4pk 50min sessions

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Duo (2 people) Sessions 

For half the price commit to a regular day and time for semi-private sessions working at your own station. Receive an effective workout with lots of individual attention.

Each session is tailored for the needs and abilities of both participants.

$110 each/ 4pk 50min session
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Complete Online Programs

Look and feel your best with effective online programs built for success! 

Customizable meal plans, daily guided workouts, 1on1 support, everything YOU need to succeed with your health and fitness goals! 

Start with: 4-week Total Body Kickstart

Next step: 6-week Total Body Transform

Continue with: Monthly Virtual Studio with guided workouts, nutritional guidance, recipes, movement advice, and, optional, 1on1 support

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Monthly Virtual Studio

This monthly subscription is not just a video library of over 150 guided workouts but so much more! Programmed sequencing of workouts, nutritional guidance, recipes, movement advice, and, optional, 1on1 support

$22/ mth or $55/mth
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12-Week Walk/Run Program

Start Anytime!

Multi-option walk/run 5k and 10k programs that have a very special focus: to gradually build the running (or power walking) technique to stay injury free, pain free in our joints, and be successful long term for our unique bodies.

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LIVE Zoom Fitness Workouts

Every Saturday morning 10 or more of my AMAZING clients get together via Zoom and sweat it out for 50min of super FUN and motivating BodyFit classes. 

BodyFit is a style of workout called metabolic circuit training.

The exercises use bands, gliders, and lighter hand weights making this workout amazingly functional and gentle on the joints. We will be alternating between lower body exercises, upper body exercises, core exercises, and low impact to high impact cardio options.

Metabolic circuit training increases your metabolism, helping your body burn more body fat even hours after your workout. Think functional strength: building your body strong from head to toe. 

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LIVE Zoom Fitness Workouts

Moving to NEW date and time: Thursdays 7:30pm

Why will you love Pilates Fit?

This class is an amazing blend of functional strength training exercises with traditional Pilates movements to improve posture, strengthen and lengthen your entire body, and gain endurance within your powerhouse core muscles. You will feel taller, stronger, and calmer after every class. 

A strong emphasis on posture, alignment and correct activation of muscles will always be encouraged.

Light hand weights and resistance bands are used in class as they help us feel the movements in the body more fully, they can assist and/or challenge depending on the exercise. Props often mimic Pilates apparatus (reformer, chair, tower, etc) movements which is so helpful to explore the benefits of Pilates.

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Free Programs

Over the past year, I have created fun and effective programs that are my gifts to you. Have a look, sign up for what you'd to like, and give it your best!

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COVID Protocols

Here at this studio we are following WorkSafeBC protocols for Pilates studios as your health is very important. Physical distancing 2.5m, strict cleaning and disinfecting routines, not coming to the studio when you are sick, and when I instruct I wear a mask at all times. More listed below.

  • all clients wear a mask and sanitize hands upon entry into studio
  • both work stations are spaced over 2.5m apart
  • clients are welcome to take off mask once at their station
  • I sanitize my hands often and wear a face mask at all times


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  • clients are welcome to wear a mask if they feel comfortable to do so
  • all equipment is sanitized with hospital grade cleaner before and after use
  • both Pilates reformers have special easy to clean vinyl handles

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I would love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns below.

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