Pilates Fitness Training Sessions

Combining Functional Strength Training with Pilates Apparatus (reformer, tower, chair, barrel) builds the body strong from the inside out.

Improve posture, balance, strength and mobility so you can move in a way that feels good and develop a body that looks healthy and strong. Exercise doesn’t have to be arduous and painful. Enjoying your experience while gradually building your strength and endurance is the only way to stay consistent long term. Discover the Amy G Fitness way to better health!

Offering Private and Semi-Private sessions, info below.

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Private Pilates Fitness Training Sessions 

Maximize results by working one-on-one with a trainer who creates workouts that are 100% tailored to you and your unique needs, abilities, injuries, and chronic pain while working at a pace that is appropriate for you.

$400/ 8pk 50min sessions

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Semi-Private Pilates Fitness Training Sessions 

For half the price commit to an 8-week block of semi-private sessions working at your own station. Receive an effective workout with lots of individual attention while keeping the cost down and having fun working out alongside another participant.

Each session is tailored for the needs and abilities of both participants.

$200/ 8pk 50min sessions
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Virtual Zoom Fitness Classes

Working out real time online via Zoom gives you the attention you need to be guided into proper alignment to execute each exercise effectively and safely. Plus, it's fun to workout with a community towards a common goal! 

$64/ 8pk 50min sessions
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Online Workout Library

Pre-recorded fitness classes that are convenient, accessible, and affordable! Includes programs that guide you through basic foundational movements and gradually build skills, adding challenges each class.

  • Barre
  • Pilates
  • Flow (yoga)
  • Functional Strength (BodyFit)

New classes added often!

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13-Week Walk/Run Program

Next Program: Spring 2021

Multi-option walk/run 5k and 10k programs that have a very special focus: to gradually build the running (or power walking) technique to stay injury free, pain free in our joints, and be successful long term for our unique bodies.

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6-Week Total Body Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to make BIG changes?

I hope so!

Because over the next 6 weeks, you’ll experience a major transformation not just in how your body looks, but in how you feel, think, and move.

And together, we’ll accomplish that without feeling deprived.

Start date January 11th!

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COVID Protocols

Here at this studio we are following WorkSafeBC protocols for Pilates studios as your health is very important. Physical distancing 2.5m, strict cleaning and disinfecting routines, not coming to the studio when you are sick, and when I instruct I wear a mask at all times. More listed below.

  • all clients sanitize hands upon entry into studio
  • both work stations are spaced over 2.5m apart
  • I wear a face mask and sanitize my hands when I need to be less than 2m away


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  • clients are welcome to wear a mask if they feel comfortable to do so
  • all equipment is sanitized with hospital grade cleaner before and after use
  • both Pilates reformers have special easy to clean handles

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I would love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns below.

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