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Amy G Fitness Products

  • Virtual Studio
  • 14-Day Pilates Fit Challenge
  • Learn to Run 5k & 10k
  • FREE 5-day Core Challenge
  • FREE Weekly Fitness & Nutrition Advice (sign up on main page)

Virtual Studio Membership

Look and feel your best with effective programs built for success!

Streamed guided workouts to work with every busy schedule!

Handy cost-effective monthly subscription that is not just a video library of over 200 guided workouts but so much more!

You receive programmed sequencing of workouts by a certified personal trainer to build your body that RIGHT way, with nutritional guidance, recipes, movement advice, and email support.

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14-Day Pilates Fit Challenge

Are you ready to make BIG changes?

I hope so!

Because over the next 14 days you will gain strength and endurance to feel and look better!

Starting with the basic exercises of functional movement training, and combining it with Pilates movements give the foundational strength that is built from the ground up.

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12-Week Walk to Run Program

Start Anytime!

Multi-option walk/run 5k and 10k programs that have a very special focus: to gradually build the running (or power walking) technique to stay injury free, pain free in our joints, and be successful long term for our unique bodies.

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Stronger to the Core Challenge

Your core muscles are some of the hardest-working in your body – and almost all of us make their job even harder every day!

Over time, that can have a surprisingly big impact on how you feel ... from your energy and mood to even your digestion and overall strength!

That’s why I created the Stronger to the Core 5-Day Challenge! It’s designed to make your core stronger from the inside out.

The challenge is 100% free as my gift to you!

Grab It For FREE!

Looking for Pilates Equipment Sessions?

Amy G Fitness sister company Pilates Life Studio is a small, community-focused, warm, and inviting Pilates studio located in the Willoughby area of Langley BC.

Head to Pilates Life Studio
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