8-week Pilates Fit Program

Want to build amazing strength in your powerhouse? Powerhouse includes: abdominals, glutes, low back and pelvic floor. Ever wanted to learn the Pilates mat repertoire? Hoping to gain total body strength and balance? Then this 8 week program is perfect for you!

Pilates Fit is my innovative program that combines gentle, yet challenging, functional movement training with inner core work beginning with the foundational pre-Pilates movements, moving to Level 1 Pilates exercises and finishes with most of the Level 2 Pilates exercises. 

The Pilates Fit program was designed with the Inner Strength Training (IST) method. 

IST is about honouring where your body is at and giving it what it needs - a balanced health regime.  It’s about creating a strong and balanced body from the inside out. Working our supporting intrinsic muscles helps stabilize the body's foundation, so that our extrinsic muscles (the surface “power” muscles) can do their job properly and purposefully.  The IST method works both your intrinsic and extrinsic muscles for a whole body approach to strength and cardio training. While reaching your desired weight is important if that is your goal, IST is challenging, however, is it not about arduously struggling to obtain an impossibly perfect body shape, it’s about creating strong, supported, balanced bodies that can function and move with freedom and ease.

What is included:

  • 45min pre-recorded workouts lead by Amy that are released each week, building upon the previous class, adding new skills and movements, totalling 8 workouts, to be practiced as many times as desired
  • weekly helpful health and fitness lessons offered as "homework"
  • mobile app to access all your workouts to carry with you anywhere you go, on any device

You can perform the workouts without the recommended equipment below, but if you would like to maximize your results I advise purchasing the supplies below:

Equipment needed:

  • one set of light hand weights weighing 2-5lbs
  • sticky mat
  • 2 glider discs (tea towel for floors and a paper plate for carpet works too!)
  • optional: 8" pilates ball (or a dollar store child's inflatable ball)


Before starting any new exercise program, it's important to fill out the online PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) here http://eparmedx.com. If you have any questions about the status of your health, please contact your doctor. 


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