Core Conditioning Small Group Training

Core Conditioning is a cool workout experience. Evidence based strength and metabolic routines within a small group format. Supervised and owned by a kinesiologist, who has won the Cloverdale personal trainer award for several years. 

Such a great group of participants come out each class! Eager to work hard, train smart, and be challenged to be ready for anything. 

Monday and Fridays 6am & 7am: Small Group Training. Class is similar to Superset Strength, but more individualized for each client, making it like personal training. 

Wednesdays 6am & 7am: Superset Strength. This class is designed to challenge your strength. The beginning of the workout focuses on performing stations of two strength exercises back to back for four rounds. We include short bouts of cardio between each superset as well as a cardio finisher to end class and get maximum fat burn in the one hour class.

Come check us out! Other trainers are amazing too!

Located In The Heart of Cloverdale 606 – 17665 66a Ave, Surrey, BC


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