13-Week Walk to Run 10k Program

This multi-option walk to run 10k program has a very special focus: to gradually build the running (or simply walking) technique to stay injury free, pain free in our joints, and be successful long term for our unique bodies. 

This full program includes

  • 3 different 13-week program options 1) walk briskly, 2) walk to run 3) run stronger. 
  • Customized program as you journey into the program, as we can make the program fit for your unique abilities. Both walk briskly and walk to run programs are beginner programs that start very gradual so our delicate joints can slowly build stability. Run stronger program assumes you can run a 5k. 
  • Only need to walk to run 3 times a week to fit busy schedules, workouts 30-60min long
  • Weekly coaching sessions on Facebook and this website
  • Stretching protocol
  • Weekly nutritional tips 
  • Weekly walking/running tips 
  • Weekly logs
  • Includes 2 weekly online drop in classes to keep your body strong and stabilized (Pilates Fit, Barre, Flow all are perfect to support our walking/running bodies)
  • Monthly new pre-recorded classes (1 Barre, 1 Flow, 1 Pilates Fit)
  • Facebook Community Group: Posting a photo every time each of you finishes your walk/run workout for accountability and motivation as we cheer each other on
  • Our very own race! Scheduled at the end of July (tentative date: August 1st). Hopefully by then we can race together (location probably in Langley, on soft trails) or we may need to walk/run our 10k in our own neighbourhoods if still in isolation. 
  • Optional customized meal plan ($25 extra monthly) BEST choice as what we eat helps fuels what our bodies can do

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