8-week Fit Flow Program

Fit Flow is a dynamic barefoot combo of:

  • strengthening isometric holds
  • lengthening stretching poses
  • core empowering movements
  • cardio bursts

Fit Flow exercises create a beautiful balance between mobility and stability within the body. Add mindfully breathing through movement to reduce stress, and you've got an amazing workout program that will leave you feeling invigorated, inspired, and rejuvenated.

In human movement there is always a continuous play between stability and mobility. When mobility or stability is compromised the body will adapt causing undue strain to joints, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissue. When that strain occurs, it can cause discomfort and pain within the body. 

The strengthening isometric holds we do are similar to yoga-style poses, but sometimes have different names (more the Pilates version). The fit aspect creates the strength and stability needed in our bodies, while the stretching poses create length, and the core exercises build stability in our powerhouse. The cardio bursts provide a heart and lung strengthener while burning more calories. Fit Flow is a challenging class, however, I do offer modifications for every movement to fit all abilities. 

First class starts with the basic flow movements and every week we will be adding challenging poses to gradually and safely build strength and endurance. Props and modifications will be presented for the poses, so the movements will be assessable to all abilities. 

What is included:

  • 45min pre-recorded workouts lead by Amy that are released each week, building upon the previous class, adding new skills and movements, totalling 8 workouts, to be practiced as many times as desired
  • helpful health and wellness lessons offered each week as "homework"
  • mobile app to access all your workouts to carry with you anywhere you go, on any device

Equipment needed: sticky mat (1/4 inch thick), 2 yoga blocks, and 1 yoga strap. Don't have blocks or straps? Not too worry, you can use a thick text book and belt instead.

Before starting any new exercise program, as a certified personal trainer, I recommend filling out the online PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) here http://eparmedx.com. If you have any questions about the status of your health, please contact your doctor. 


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