Virtual Studio

Convenient, accessible, and affordable Barre, Pilates, and Functional Strength programs 

Working out live online via Zoom gives you the attention you need to be guided into proper alignment to execute each exercise effectively and safely. Plus, it's fun to workout with a community towards a common goal!

Three 50min weekly classes are scheduled at this time:

  • Wed Barre Strong 9:30am
  • Fri Pilates Fit 9:30am
  • Sat Body Fit 9am
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8-Week Series

For motivation and accountability commit to a series of 8 weekly classes. 

You receive:

  • 8 x 50min weekly classes in a community of like-minded participants
  • Amy takes the time before and during the series to discover each body and their abilities/limits and designs each class for all participants signed up for each series
  • Full access on website and convenient app to all recorded virtual Zoom classes in your series to practice as many times in the series time frame

$64 / 8-week pk

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Virtual Zoom Class Descriptions

My studio focuses on creating strength and length within the body so that the body becomes balanced inside and out in a safe and effective way. All the classes work towards this goal.

Please note: All immediate family members of the one household are welcome to join with the one purchase, please have all participating fill out the necessary  waiver forms (please send me an email for extra copies).

Barre Strong

Wednesdays 9:30am

High energy classes incorporates Barre-style strength exercises that sculpt and tone your upper and lower body with Pilates inspired exercises to make every minute count in a fun and motivating way with great music and exciting choreography. 

Woven throughout the workout are low impact, with high impact options, cardio bursts to maximize calorie burn and to strengthen heart and lungs.

The first 3 parts of class is standing and features my dynamic style of functionally strong Barre, while the last quarter of the class focuses on Pilates core exercises (think abs, butts, thighs!).

With a focus on improving balance, endurance, flexibility, stability, and strength, barre effectively creates healthy, strong, and lean highly functional bodies.

This class will challenge you, but you are encouraged to stay with-in your abilities and gain strength gradually and safely every step of the way in your unique fitness journey. 

Equipment maximizes effectiveness of the exercises:

  • 12" mini loop band (optional)
  • 1 set light hand weights or soup cans
  • 1 set medium hand weights (optional)
  • 1-2 gliders (plastic plate for carpet, tea towel for floors)
  • 6' resistance band
  • 8" Pilates ball (optional)
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Pilates Fit

Fridays 9:30am

Why will you love Pilates Fit?

This class is an amazing blend of functional strength training exercises with traditional Pilates movements to improve posture, strengthen and lengthen your entire body, and gain endurance within your powerhouse core muscles. You will feel taller, stronger, and calmer after every class. 

A strong emphasis on posture, alignment and correct activation of muscles will always be encouraged.

Resistance bands are used in class as they help us feel the movements in the body more fully, they can assist and/or challenge depending on the exercise. Props often mimic Pilates apparatus (reformer, chair, tower, etc) movements which is so helpful to explore the benefits of Pilates.

Equipment is recommended to maximize effectiveness of the exercises:

  • 6' resistance band
  • 1 set of light hand weights (or soup cans!)
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Body Fit

Saturdays 9am

This energetic class will rev your body to burn more calories throughout your day while improving posture, balance, and strength within your whole body. 

This class incorporates standing Pilates moves, functional strengthening exercises with low impact cardio intervals making this a highly effective workout!

Body Fit exercises use bands, gliders, and lighter hand weights making this workout amazingly functional and gentle on the joints. We will be alternating between lower body exercises, upper body exercises, core exercises, and low impact to high impact cardio options using a system called metabolic circuit training. 

Metabolic circuit training increases your metabolism, helping your body burn more body fat even hours after your workout. 

All moves are assessable for all abilities and levels, so all levels are welcome!

Equipment is recommended to increase effectiveness of the exercises:

  • 6' resistance band
  • 12" mini loop band
  • 1 set of light hand weights (1-3lbs) or soup cans!
  • optional: 1 set of medium hand weights (4-6lbs)
  • 2 gliders (or tea towels on floors or plastic plates on carpet) 
  • mat
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Slow Flow

Need help winding down after a long day? Feeling tight and sore and need to lengthen short muscles?

This class is all about active recovery and stress release. 

Class starts with slow flowing yoga-style movements, heads into yin-style yoga poses with longer holds to gently get the muscles to relax and lengthen.

Each class focuses on a common area of tension, and we will gently release one tight point of tension using soft self-myofasical release balls.

We finish with some calming and restful restorative poses. 

You will need to acquire your own equipment:

Inner Strength Training (IST)

The classes are designed with the Inner Strength Training (IST) method. 

IST is about honouring where your body is at and giving it what it needs - a balanced health regime.  It’s about creating a strong and balanced body from the inside out. Working our supporting intrinsic muscles helps stabilize the body's foundation, so that our extrinsic muscles (the surface “power” muscles) can do their job properly and purposefully.  The IST method works both your intrinsic and extrinsic muscles for a whole body approach to strength and cardio training. While reaching your desired weight is important if that is your goal, IST is challenging, however, is it not about arduously struggling to obtain an impossibly perfect body shape, it’s about creating strong, supported, balanced bodies that can function and move with freedom and ease.

How do online virtual classes work?

For the online live classes, I use Zoom conferencing platform. This product is the best to perform group fitness classes. Each Zoom account is free for the participant, but an account is needed. The computer and/or mobile device screen is individually set for each participant to view "speaker only" so each client only sees the instructor full screen, and not the other participants. An option to turn off video is also available. Also, each client puts their volume on mute, only taking mute off to ask a quick question or if an emergency situation arises as not to disrupt the class. 

If you would like to try a class before committing to the entire series, please head to the Contact Me page to inform me of your interest in trying a class. I will set you up with the next available class. After trying the class, and you would plan to purchase the rest of the series, I will set up your account on Acuity Scheduling. From there, every week you will be emailed the Zoom link to join your class of choice. Committing to a series helps with reaching your fitness goals by making an appointment you need to show up for on a weekly basis.


I have workout equipment available to purchase:

  • 8" pilates ball $20
  • 6' red (light) resistance band $10
  • 6' green (medium) resistance band $10
  • 12" mini loop band $12
  • 1 set 1lbs hand weights $12
  • 1 set 2lbs hand weights $12
  • 1 set 3lbs hand weights $14

Who is Amy G Fitness?

Not every fitness instructor out there to hire has the same skills. Choose one with years of experience, a trainer that continues to learn with multiple certifications, and one that is honest, sincere, and not out to make a quick buck. Pick a trainer who cares and goes that extra mile for you!

About Amy

Before starting any new exercise program, it's important to fill out the online PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) here If you have any questions about the status of your health, please contact your doctor.